Price Sheet


  • Current Special Offer: 1 CPR faceshield included with all groups 5+ participants.  Subject to change without notice.
  • Personal checks are not accepted. 
  • Cash and company checks accepted.
  • Pay with credit/debit payment option is available.
  • If you pay before the class, please bring your receipt.

*** Prices subject to change without notice

CPR Professional Rescuer (PRO) $30/person
CPR adult skills $20/person
CPR adult and pediatric skills $25/person
First Aid only $20/person
CPR and First Aid $40/per person * None PRO CPR
Blood Pathogens $20/person
Oxygen $20/person
ANY 3 classes combined $50/person
Group discount 6-9 take $15 off  includes 1 CPR faceshield
Group size discount 11-14 1 person free **  includes 1 CPR faceshield
Group size discount 15-19 2 persons free ** includes 1 CPR faceshield
Group size discount 20+ TBD ** includes 1 CPR faceshield
** Group discount is the combined total participants even if the group is broken in smaller training sessions but scheduled over a 1 week period.
Become a CPR Instructor – non PRO $150/person  includes 1 CPR faceshield
Become an Instructor with the option to teach: CPR (PRO & Lay Rescuer) + First Aid + Blood Pathogens + Oxygen $250/perso  includes 1 CPR faceshield
Make $15K+ Part-Time as an Instructor $97/person 4 week online training
Get a basic (easy to update) CPR Biz website $75
Access Manikins & Training equipment varies

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