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UCH student dies  UCF student who collapsed in HPA1 classroom dies  A UCF student who collapsed in the Health and Public Affairs 1 building Monday afternoon has died, according to reports from friends and a UCF Police Department press release.  Read More


woman saves baby   Baby Saved By CPR.   Pamela Rauseo administered CPR to her 5-month-old nephew alongside a Miami highway.  Read more...


Become a CPR & Safety Instructor

Save Money with an in-house Instructor, OR make extra money teaching on appointment.  Becoming a CPR, Safety Instructor can be a money saving, or money earning strategy.


If you have high staff turn-over, or you place staff in various locations (for example: security companies, in-home health care), having an in-house instructor may be a money saving.   This reduces the add-on cost of the profit margin built in for using contracted trainers.


  • For an a la carte price range of $300-$999, you can:
  • have someone trained as an instructor
  • acquire manikins and equipment to run your classes
  • have a basic (easy to update) website to showcase your new business
  • sit through a marketing class, focusing on your online business presence – so your company has a greater chance of drumming up new, unsolicited business



Already an Instructor? Online Webinar -Make $15K+ from your Part-Time Biz

I get FOUND and I get NEW INCOME because of the marketing strategies I teach here in this course.
I get FOUND and I get NEW INCOME because of the marketing strategies I teach here in this course.

Older video, but still relevant

Check out this offer here.  Some industries have high CPR training needs and if you position yourself properly, you can be the instructor that grabs a fair share of this extra income.  These trainings are usually on appointment, making this an excellent supplement to your job.  $15K is really on the low end of what is reasonably possible from a part-time safety training business.  No matter what organization you hold your CPR and safety training curriculum through, these strategies will give you an advantage over other competitors.

Make Money Teaching

Income Possibility (not typical nor guaranteed for all)

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If an elementary kid can effectively perform CPR after my training, it is solid indication, you will too!

CPR thanks kid

Emily Brushwood, Playtime Learning Academy, Tampa, CPR, review,


Forest Hills Preb LC




Patti Harmon

Renee Graham


Some of the companies Trudy Beerman has served, includes but is not limited to:

  • SaraLee Coffee Services
  • Coastal Dental
  • Tampa Custom Officers
  • WFLA Channel 8
  • The Tampa Tribune
  • University of South Florida Students
  • RCMA
  • Bright Horizons Childcare
  • Kids R Kids
  • Alacatel Lucent (fiberoptics)
  • Construction companies
  • Substation Contractors (electrical engineers)






Price Sheet


  • Current Special Offer: 1 CPR faceshield included with all groups 5+ participants.  Subject to change without notice.
  • Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Cash and company checks accepted.
  • Pay with credit/debit payment option is available.
  • If you pay before the class, please bring your receipt.

**** Prices subject to change without notice

CPR/AED and First Aid (you come to me)

One-on-One or per person up to 4 people

$35/person We meet at the Temple Terrace Library
CPR/AED and First Aid (Group rate *) $25/person  *5 person minimum in a Tampa, FL zip code
CPR/AED and First Aid (Group rate **) $25/person  **8 person minimum outside Tampa but within a 60-mile radius)
First Aid only $20/person
CPR and First Aid $40/per person * None PRO CPR
Blood Pathogens (Groups only) $15/person  *** group size applies per location
Oxygen $15/person  *** group size applies per location
ANY 3 classes combined $40/person  *** group size applies per location
Group discount 11-15 people one free
Group size discount 15+ negotiable  ** Group discount is the combined total participants even if the group is broken in smaller training sessions but scheduled over a 1 week period.
 Become a CPR Instructor  $150/person
 Make $15K+ Part-Time as an Instructor $97/person 4-week online training + 2 Coaching calls
 Get a basic (easy to update) CPR Biz website  $75