Replace Your Card

Lost your card?

Lost the email with the access information?

All training cards from Trudy Beerman and this institution are issued on the spot, or withing 48 hours of a training.  If you have not received your duly earned card within this time, please escalate this issue and call Trudy Beerman at (813) 760-5624.

The page with the card access is password protected, so you must use the access offered in the email sent.  Need another email sent to you with the access?

  • Email
  • include your full name, date or month/year of your training
  • the email you want the new card access sent to.
  • Please note, the card will be a copy of the original card, not a new card with an updated training date.

We will be happy to re-send you to the student database & re-create this for you for a fee of $5.  This process usually happens immediately with your payment.

If you have paid and you are not immediately taken to the page with the student/cards listing please call Trudy at (813) 760-5624